ACADEMIC SERVICES - Bureau of consulting in education & services
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Through our many years of experience, we understand the need that a responsible, friendly and caring attitude should be afforded to those candidates who will embark on a journey into further education, be it in the United Kingdom or other destination. It is together that we will work to design the best solution that perfectly matches their dreams and expectations

Guidance and Assistance in searching, finding, and selecting the most appropriate subject to study.

We will update you on tuition fees, cost of living and offer advice for appropriate economic management of student markets and student life.

We undertake to efficiently and effectively assist you in the completion of your UCAS or Master’ s application.

We will translate and certify all required official documents.

We are in continuous communication with your chosen institutions, following up the progress of your application and answering your questions.

We will organise your university visits to the UK within a limited time frame to avoid school absences and arrange for a campus tour and possible meeting with academics.

We can secure your housing in university managed accommodation OR in secure private student flats for the 1st year of your studies.

Before embarking on your studies journey ready to begin your new life abroad, we will provide you with information, support, and advice.

Acting on your behalf, we will send your high school or IB Diploma results and language certificates to the universities of your choice. If unsuccessful in obtaining a university place, we will undertake the process of finding a place at another university (Clearing Period Process). We are constantly by your side during the year of the application process providing advice, psychological support, and responsible guidance.

Free application guidance, and full post application support to prospective Master’ s students who choose to apply to the universities we officially represent.

In our office you can attend a “Speed Reading Seminar” which is particularly interesting and useful for the IB students. This seminar aims to a better comprehension of the great amount of syllabi that IB students have to deal with, to manage it in the best way and to the quickest memorizing of information.

Capability of providing one-to-one sessions aiming to extract information from the prospective applicant so as to guide him effectively on both the educational and professional sectors that respond to his personality in the most appropriate way.

Acting on your behalf, we will send your high school diploma or International Baccalaureate or IELTS certificate as soon as the results are announced to your universities of choice. In order not to lose the academic year, we initiate this process to ensure a place in another university, if you do not get the required grade for your first or second choice university. (Clearing Period)

We are constantly by your side throughout the two-year program, with advice, psychological support and responsible guidance.









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The seminar is taught by a Specialised tutor


How do I choose the ``right`` subject to study?

What weight will my degree carry in the employment market?

How do I ensure my place at a University in the United Kingdom?

What are the admission criteria

Where will I live?

Who will help prepare, send and track the status of my application?

What kind of things will I be facing once I reach my chosen university?

Who will advise and support me throughout my studies?

How do I choose a graduate degree that will ultimately lead me to a worthy and challenging professional career?