Cranfield University specialises in cultivating a deep understanding of technology and management and how these two fields interact in order to improve the quality of our daily life. It has strong ties with important industries and companies and it is the only exclusively postgraduate university in the UK. It also offers a distinguished MBA programme. It was established in 1946 as the College of Aeronautics. Between 1950 – 1960 the progress made in many aspects of aircraft design and research led to important growth in the field of aircraft construction which as a result included elements from other fields such as those of construction and management. From 1993 onwards it operates under the name ‘Cranfield University’.

There are two campuses: the main one is at Cranfield, Bedfordshire and the other is at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom at Shrivenham, southwest Oxfordshire. The main campus is one-of-its-kind both in the UK and Europe as it contains its own airport (Cranfield Airport) which is owned and run by the university itself and it is mainly used for teaching and research in Aerospace Engineering.


Defense and security
Energy and power
Environment and Agri-food
Transport system
School of Managemen


Distance from London: Via Euston station: 1 hr and 30 mins

Nearest airport: Luton Airport (1 hour)