Are you considering studying in the UK?

The Post-graduate Student Loan, with favorable repayment use, is now available to relieve the financial burden of your studies’ expenses.
The PG loans procedure is available from the beginning of the summer. Specifically applications open in June for students who begin their studies in September and the maximum amount offered is 11.222 GBP

Terms and conditions :
Only students with pre settled status are entitled to the loan.
1. You have to be a British or a European citizen
2. You have to be accepted and enrolled to a UK university.
3. You have to be under 60 years of age.
4. The duration of your degree should be for one or two years.
5. You must not have studied for another master’s or other equivalent degree.

PG loans will be available for:
1. Full time, part time or distance learning courses.
2. For taught and research programs and MBA
3. There is no restriction on the subject of study you choose.
4. It is available for all British Universities.

Payments are almost the same with the UG loan procedure. The main difference is that the PG amount goes directly to the student’s bank account giving him/her the possibility to spend this amount in whichever way he/she thinks more appropriate. The loan is provided in 3 instalments. The first instalment takes place when student’s enrolment is verified by the university. The second instalment is paid 4 months later and the third one 7 months after the beginning of the course.
Repayment of the loan begins in April after the student has graduated and only if the annual income is over £21.000 annually. The monthly repayment instalment is set at 6% of your income after the £21.000

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Tel. 210 3638897

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